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I know exactly what I want for my new house design, but I'm on a tight budget. Can you still help?


Yes! Antelope Valley Design Group Inc. prides itself on finding affordable solutions to help make your environment as beautiful as you envision it. There are several ways of cutting costs without compromising quality. There are so many different options available on today's market that we are confident we can work within your budget and implement your goals and objectives without leaving you with an empty wallet.


I already have blueprints for my project. Is that acceptable to the approval authorities?


In many cases, it is possible for Antelope Valley Design Group Inc. to use blueprints drawn up by another company to build your house or building. However, in many cases the blue prints are not site specific and need engineering prior to any approval.  We will first need to review your blueprints to ensure they are up to our high quality standards, and are in compliance with the latest addition of the Building Code and may have to be modified to meet Building Code.  Our experience has taught us that it is often more costly and time consuming to work this way however, and many of our clients choose to have us draw up the blueprints to ease up the process and lower the cost of their project.


I'm looking to reduce the cost of my construction process. Can I act as the contractor?


Antelope Valley Design Group Inc. has in its employ several certified and qualified contractors who will expertly and efficiently oversee the progress of construction. We believe in only allowing certified individuals to perform this important role, and guarantee that the contractor we assign to your project will keep you informed every step of the way and consult you as required as well as answer any question you may have, which means you will at all times be in charge of your project.

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