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What We Do


Our civil and structural engineering  strength and achievement  has always been our capability to mold the firm’s expertise with that of our client’s, whether designing a residential project such as  a single family home or custom built home, tract home  or engineering of worshipping facilities such as churches, mosques and synagogues, designing commercial project such as restaurants, multi stories office complex, auto repair  shops or sport  facilities such as driving ranges,  our involvement in projects throughout planning to completion of the construction will assure successful out come of our efforts.


Our team, in addition to design / built of custom built homes worked on and prepared the design of many engineering projects including preparation of land subdivision maps and design and preparation of tentative  tract maps, design of final maps, design of  improvement plans including street improvement plans, grading plans, hydrology study, street lighting design, water distribution system, storm design and sanitary systems as well as structural design, various commercial and residential projects, offices.  Conditional Use Permits, Tenant improvement plans, Facility engineering including maintenance and repair, Specifications and Project Construction document as well as Structural Observation​.


 Our highly experienced team is committed to personalized services for our clients and will strive to implement your design ideas and concepts in accordance with your goals and expectations.


 Programming, schematic design, preparation of construction documents, including detail plans and specifications, for custom built homes, tract homes, simple structures or design and construction of worshipping facilities, restaurants tenant improvements plans and sport facilities are all part of our professional services.


AVDG Inc. has established an enviable reputation with innovative and effective design and technical expertise. We are also known for the quality, expertise, and cost-effectiveness of work performed on diverse projects both for the government and for the private sector.


We strive to implement your design concept and needs in accordance with your goals and expectations.  

Building Design and Construction

 Antelope Valley Design Group Inc. (AVDG) understands how daunting a building project can be. Master planning and design of complex projects, including sport facilities, worshipping and commercial facilities, or a brand new home or a garage next to your existing one, planning and preparing sound construction documents and blue prints for your construction is of vital importance.


Proper planning and coordination will ensure the successful outcome of your project. 

We offer complete project coordination and planning, from conceptual planning through design and construction, liaisons with governmental agencies, and project consulting, such as construction document review, advice on design and construction issues during detail design.


No matter how big or small your project is we strive to provide the professional services needed to ensure that our clients has pleasant and successful experience with their project.


AVDG’s collective talents, resources, and close communication with clients will ensure the production of a successful design and construction as well as providing complete satisfaction for each client’s individual needs.  

Project Management

 The most challenging part of project management is planning and control in order to bring the construction project to completion within the budget and in accordance with the owner’s functional objectives. The controls must be based upon realistic goals developed during the planning and design phase. Once the design, bidding, and award phases of the construction project have been accomplished, the success of professional construction management depends on completing the construction phase on schedule and in compliance with the construction document. With

project planning and control as a point of departure, detailed planning to accomplish overall objectives must begin and be monitored.


Numerous services will be provided by AVDG, including, but not limited to:


1. Construction planning , cost estimates . Recommendations, contractors’ price breakdown, progress payment.

2. Submittals review and compliance with the contract specifications.

3. Monitoring of performance status, inspections, and progress reports.

4. Review schedules and provide recommendations.

5. Change order evaluations, including scope and cost impact.

6. Special studies and development of recommended solutions to current anticipated problems.

7. Recommendation of final acceptance of work as well as final payment.

8. Certification of occupancy.

9. Release form. 

Projec Management
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